Maximus Gardens – Building a Greener Earth

Maximus Gardens is the cumulative experience of two people who wanted a better, healthier life for their family.  As many others out there, we wanted to provide healthy and affordable food for our family. Over the years, we’ve researched different soil-free grow systems for our target plants and experimented with every type of set up we’ve come across – including traditional In-Soil gardening.  Going through these sometimes costly experiences, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that we’ve implemented into every product line we manufacture.  Our current product lines use a combination of many systems we’ve come across, with design improvements that make them more efficient and easier to maintain. Our goal has always been to provide the best products built to the highest standards, ensuring your satisfaction, and to help you provide chemical free, non-engineered, affordable food for your family.

Our mission:

To build a greener earth for future generations.

What is Aquaponics?
Aquaponic is a combination of Hydroponic and Aquaculture. This is accomplished by allowing microbes to convert the fish byproducts into nutrients which are absorbable by the plants in the system.  There are many styles and designs available on internet, or through commercial system outlets.  each have advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed in detail further on.

What is Hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a soil free plant growth system. Most people believe hydroponics is a growing of plants in water. Although this is one type of the hydroponics, it is not the only method. Plants can be grown hydroponically in other media such as sand, gravel, coconut fiber, etc.

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